Wednesday, June 20, 2012

runWithMe App

This application costs $.99 on itunes.

The “runWithme” application is an amazing tool because it motivates users to compete or race against one another without having to physically run together.  Two people in completely different states or even countries can race against or run with one another. A user simply has to send an invitation to another person who has the application.   Each user enters the time that he or she wants to start the run, and then let it begin. The application will verbally indicate who is in the lead and by how much. What a great way to motivate you while you are running. Check it out!!

How I would use this application:

This app would be great to use during a cross country unit. My students could partner up with someone and use this application to track their progress and motivate one another to work harder. My students love competing against each other!


  1. Shayna, thanks for sharing this app in class today. I can't wait to tell my friend about it that lives far away because we were talking about how we wished we lived closer to work out together. This app makes it a little more motivating and fun. I think students could really enjoy this as well to help them stay motivated to stay fit.

  2. Shayna, I can't wait share this app with my Aerobics class. I think it will really motivate them to get active and having a buddy will keep them going. I look forward to seeing what other P.E. tools you post!

  3. This is soo cool! Maybe it will motivate to run again, because I have stopped running because I have no one to run with. Plus it's only a dollar. Does it come on an android phone?

  4. Hey Shayna. I love this app for running. I think I'm going to download it so I can run with my cousin in NY. She runs faster than me so maybe I'll get up to her speed! I like that it tells you how they are doing but I wish they could also include being able to send motivational messages to your running partner. I love running with my roommates and we talk here and there which is nice to break the monotony. Maybe it could have an icon you could press to send a quick message. Nothing too much because if you are talking the whole time, you're not working hard enough!