Monday, June 25, 2012

Handheld Learning in Physical Education

How I plan to use this in my class:

My school was chosen to participate in an iPad pilot program. My school was chosen because our enrollment is representative of Howard County as a whole. In the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, each of my 7th grade students will receive an Apple iPad as part of  the two-year pilot program. They chose the 7th grade because it provides the opportunity to observe and follow the same group for a two-year period. The goal of the pilot program, as stated in the introductory letter sent to teachers, was "to provide students with access to digital content and  production tools, in and outside of school, giving them the ability to learn anytime, anywhere."  This pilot program will help the school system assess the effectiveness of iPad devices in school and how said devices can impact teaching and learning.  Ultimately, it will inform and shape future curriculum development as well as funding needs.

The handheld learning website, listed above, provides various tools and resources that will assist my personal efforts when utilizing iPads with my students in physical education class. For example, the below link offers useful ebooks I can download on my iPad.

One book, Handheld Learning in Physical Education, includes a simple six-step guide on the ways to implement technologies into physical education (applications, videos, podcasts and ebooks). I am looking forward to receiving my iPad and implementing it in my classes. 

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