Monday, June 18, 2012

Helpful tools for any subject

This Wikispace has a large list of links that are useful for all subject areas. I hope this information helps you in you classroom. I am always thrilled when I come across resources that I can use in my classroom!

One link I have explored from here is

This website is an online daily health tracker. The tracker has 20 different features for logging your daily health, from medicine tracking to sleep tracking and diet and exercise to body measurements. The website ( states that "each tracker is designed to help you quickly input, organize and understand that specific area of your health through an intuitive interface, insightful daily summaries, charting and analysis features, a flexible goal management feature, and an extensive set of reporting and data export features."

How I can use this in my classroom:

I would use this website during a Fitness Testing unit. During this unit, students learn the importance of physical fitness and about Body Mass Index (BMI). Students can use this website to set health goals for themselves and be able to manage their progress, which is significant due to the importance of students keeping track of their health habits, which is precisely what this tool offers.

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  1. This is an interesting site with lots of great resources. I found two interesting things (besides all the great links):

    1. It is listed as Web 2.0 Guru, but most of the sites are not Web 2.0 that it links to.
    2. It is made in a wiki, but you can't edit it so it is just being used as a Web page. It might be more useful if lots of educators could add their own links.